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Utah Boiler and Radiant Heating Service

The heating experts at Any Hour Service commonly repair, maintain and install all types and brands of boilers and radiant heat, or hydronic heating, systems throughout Utah. Our boiler and radiant heating techs are trained and experienced in working with gas, electric, propane and oil fueled boilers.

Choosing, buying and installing a radiant heat system or new boiler is a simple process with Any Hour Services. Our skilled HVAC techs will help you with all your heating needs from choosing the right radiant heat system or boiler for your home and budget to payment options and aftercare.

Utah Radiant Heat Installation

Boiler Repair and Radiant Heat System Repairs

Our expert boiler and radiant heat techs repair all makes and models of boilers and radiant heating. Our HVAC technicians have trucks fully stocked with all boiler parts, so that we can repair or replace your boiler and radiant heating system on the spot.

Our boiler technicians are NATE certified on boiler and radiant heating system repairs and are experienced in troubleshooting all major and minor boiler problems. At Any Hour Services, you can count on our boiler and radiant heating experts to repair your boiler the right way, the first time.

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We provide residential and commercial radiant heat and boiler installation and repairs and we will send our qualified HVAC journeyman in Utah to handle all your HVAC needs. Every HVAC tech at Any Hour Services is licensed, insured and highly experienced to handle all radiant heat and and boiler installations.

Utah Boiler Installation

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Benefits of Boiler Heating Systems

There are many pros and cons to consider when installing a boiler, also known as a water tank, in your home or office including:

Utah Boiler Install

  • Boilers do not require ductwork to deliver heat, thereby preventing dust and allergens from entering the air in your home.
  • Modern boilers use less energy because the retain warmth much longer than standard furnaces.
  • Boilers operate silently.
  • With zone control, temperatures in individual rooms can be set higher or lower. Thermostat zone controls improve the comfort levels along with reducing energy expenses.
  • With proper heater maintenance, boiler systems can last up to 25 years.
  • Plus more

Although there are many benefits of installing a boiler heating system, the initial cost can be higher than a standard furnace. The boiler specialists at Any Hour Services can help you determine the best heating system that fits your needs as well as your budget. Contact Any Hour Services, your heater experts, today for a boiler estimate.

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Best of State Utah HVAC


The results for the 2015 Best of State are in and once again Any Hour Services was recognized for their achievements, innovations, and contributions towards improving the quality of life in Utah for Residential Maintenance & Repair.

Our Radiant Heater Systems

Radiant heaters work through the process of radiation or direct transfer of heat that rises from below and warms up any objects they strike, which radiates captured heat in turn. Unlike traditional furnaces, which blow heated air, radiant heat is not only more energy efficient and comfortable, but there are no air quality problems in your home or business. We offer the following types of radiant heating systems:

  • Underfloor radiant heating systems
  • Radiant wall heating systems
  • Radiant ceiling panels
  • Plus more radiant heat systems

Utah Radiant Heat Services