4 Ways to Save Thousands With An End-of-Summer AC Tune-Up

The owner’s manual for your air conditioner has a maintenance section to help it perform at its best. It usually says something like, “...in addition to the maintenance you perform yourself, your system should be inspected regularly by a properly trained technician.”

The summertime is when your air conditioner works the hardest. As the season comes to a close, that maintenance can give your air conditioner a much-needed boost. On top of that, below is a list of 4 ways getting an AC tune-up this summer can save you thousands of dollars.

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1: Extend the Life of Your AC

It shouldn't be a surprise that the recommended maintenance is there to help the unit last longer. When you take care of it annually, it makes a big difference. Skipping the annual tune-up can be just as impactful in wearing it out faster.

Dirt causes a lot of problems when it comes to your air conditioner’s performance. This can make your air conditioner work harder and cause parts to fail before they should. Filters, coils, fan blades, motors, and other components all deal with this stress. Each one can cost quite a bit to repair or replace. Getting your air conditioner tuned up can lower this stress on you and your air conditioner.

2: Prevent Water Damage

When your air conditioner pulls the heat from the air in your home, it also pulls moisture and humidity out with it. That water gets sent down a drain and away from your home where it falls to the ground. There are usually 2 pipes, one lower and one higher. If the lower pipe gets clogged, the higher one can usually pick up the slack.

Once that secondary line clogs, the water has nowhere else to go but back inside. It can drip on the internal components of your air conditioner or get inside your living spaces. Major condensation problems can lead to tearing out and rebuilding several rooms.

To prevent a disaster like that, our AC tune-ups include a pipe flush. That will dissolve and clear out any grime that could cause a clog.

3: Fix Minor Issues Before They Grow

If you catch the little stuff early, you can address it before you need to replace your air conditioner. It’s like getting your car’s oil changed every 3000-5000 miles. That oil change prevents it from wearing out sooner than it should. If you fall behind, your engine can seize up and you might end up having to get a new car.

The same thing can happen with your air conditioner. Dirt can get in, meaning parts can start to work harder than they should. If those problems stick around your unit could stop working completely. An annual tune-up can alert you to any issues before they become real problems.

4: Keep You Comfortable With Less Energy

Starting your air conditioner is like trying to push the back of a car. It takes a lot of energy to get it started, even if it doesn’t take as much to keep going. An electric motor, like the one in your air conditioner’s compressor, works the same way. If it takes longer to cool your home, you spend more on your power bill for less time feeling comfortable.

Sidenote: Remember who the owner’s manual said “in addition to the maintenance you perform yourself …” In case you wondered what those things were, we made you a video showing you some simple things to do yourself. If you live in the Arizona market, Any Hour Services has an entire department dedicated to AC tune-ups. You can call or schedule your appointment online.

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Author: Nathanael Stuver
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Aug 21st 2023

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