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Utah Swamp Cooler Upgrade

Thinking about upgrading your swamp cooler to a central air conditioning unit?

So the summer is here, and your swamp cooler (also called an “evaporative cooler”) seems to be loosing the battle against the heat barreling down on your home. There are so many reasons to love your swamp cooler, but during the most uncomfortable of days, it is hard to ignore the fact that a swamp cooler just isn’t cutting it any more. You might be fighting with your swamp cooler to simply keep your home at a comfortable temperature, or maybe your equipment has simply just given out on (most likely from running 24 hours a day to keep up with the rising temps). Either way, it is time to start thinking about your future cooling options.

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If your swamp cooler is struggling to keep up, you can do one of two things.

  1. You can repair or replace your current swamp cooler, or
  2. You can upgrade your entire home to use central air conditioning.

Swamp Coolers vs Air Conditioner

Many Utah residents have never used anything OTHER than their swamp cooler and have been very happy with it! But in our experience, each and every one of our customers (who have chosen to upgrade their swamp cooler to a central air conditioning system) have reported that they don’t know how they ever lived without their central air conditioner! Here is a little more information to help you decide whether or not to upgrade your swamp cooler to a central air conditioning system:

Swamp Coolers

Swamp Cooler UT


  • Fresh air is continually blown throughout home
  • Allows for (and requires) open windows in home 
  • The breeze created through the home makes the air temperature feel cooler
  • Adds humidity (some people prefer this, some don't)
  • 75% less electricity usage compared to central air
  • Powered by standard 120 volt outlet
  • Can be installed without having duct system already in place


  • Not as effective in areas with higher humidity or cooler climates
  • Not as controllable as air conditioners
  • Can use between 3.5 to 10 gallons of water per hour, something to consider if your area is in a drought or has limited water supplies
  • Maintenance is higher than air conditioners (in Utah) requiring you to both shut down and drain the cooler in the winter and start up the cooler in the summer
  • Forgetting to do your shut down in the winter can cause water damage to the home, and the unit itselve-- resulting in expensive repairs
  • Depending on the model and type, the pads can be very expensive and do require changing
  • The requirement to open windows can be a bad thing if you live in an area with high pollution or if there is fires and smoke nearby as was the case in Utah last summer (many with a swamp cooler in the Wasatch front last year lost the ability to cool their home during the hottest days of summer due to the inversion)

Central Air Conditioning

Ac Upgrade UT


  • Precise temperature control using your thermostat
  • Lower maintenance costs, generally only requiring one service per year and regular filter changes
  • No need to winterize anything
  • Removes humidity from the air (again this can be a matter of preference)
  • Using your filter on your HVAC system improves indoor air quality by removing dust and particles
  • Other than your filter, there are no parts that need regular changing
  • Can run in many different climates effectively


  • Requires 220 volt circuit to be run to unit
  • Higher electrical cost
  • Requires a duct system to be installed with an air handler of some kind (duct system typically already in place)
  • Opening windows will hurt the efficiency of the unit and cause it to not operate properly

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Any Hour Services, your HVAC experts, have provided the best central air conditioning services (including swamp cooler conversions to central ac) in Utah since 1961. Our HVAC technicians can expertly handle all of your AC repair and AC service needs. Our AC repair experts repair, replace and install all types of central air conditioner units, including even the most difficult swamp cooler upgrades you can imagine. Plus, don't forget that we offer 24 / 6 emergency AC repair services in Utah to keep your new ac running perfectly year in and year out!

When it is no longer cost effective to repair on older swamp cooler, our expert team of HVAC techs will determine what the best and most cost efficient solution is for your home and your cooling budget! We have many AC upgrade options including AC / furnace bundles that offer rebates from manufacturers and even rebates from Utah state! upgrading your swamp cooler to an energy efficient solution can greatly reduce your water bill and water usage overall without making a dent in your power bill. If a swamp cooler upgrade is in your near future, be sure to contact Any Hour Services to help you choose the best  unit that is as efficient on power usage as possible. We install units using the most reliable name brands on the market. For swamp cooler upgrades,  repair and installations in Utah, call Any Hour Services!

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AC Swamp Cooler in UT

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