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Utah Pipe Bursting  - a Trenchless Technique

Advantages of Pipe Bursting

  • Trenchless- no excavation, less disruption to residents, city streets and lawns.
  • Simple- fewer workers and less time.
  • Economical- the cost is reduced considerably compared to other methods.
  • Upsizing your pipe can increase water flow.
  • Pipe bursting is the only method that allows replacement using larger pipes
  • Pipes are very strong and flexible- appropriate for installations where strength is required.
  • Environmentally friendly- impact on surroundings is 86% less than an open cut.

Pipe Bursting

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To meet the rising demand for sewer lateral replacement and repairs, plumbers are turning to trenchless replacements such as pipe bursting. Underground contractors and municipalities have recognized pipe bursting as an efficient and effective method of replacing undersized or outdated pipelines.

Gas, water, and sewer pipes can be repaired using pipe bursting. Pipe bursting started in the 1980’s for replacing cast iron distribution pipes. With time, it has become popular and is thus recognized as a legit and efficient method of replacing pipes. Contact the experts at Any Hour Services to discuss if this method might be right for your home or business!

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When is pipe bursting a good idea? Pipe bursting is suitable in instances where the host pipe is made of PVC, clay, asbestos, cast iron, cement as well as formerly lined pipes. The run length for sewer pipelines can be from one manhole to another or even through several manholes. As for water pipelines, the length of a term is determined by the distance between valve locations, trees or hydrants.

The types of pipe bursting include lateral, hydraulic, static and pneumatic. The only difference between all these methods is the way through which force is produced and conveyed to the pipe during the bursting process. However, pneumatic and hydraulic are the two most commonly used methods. Hydraulic is used mainly for water pipes while pneumatic is suitable for sewer pipelines.

Pipe bursting begins with the insertion of a conically shaped bursting tool (bursting head). The bursting head ought to fit in the pipe so that it can flow through the pipe well, and not lose track on its way. A winch pulls the bursting head (pulling machine) which is placed at the ground level. The bursting head pushes its way via the existing pipe by breaking the pipe and compressing the broken pieces in the soil as it advances. Consequently, the new pipe is pulled behind the bursting head. Both the bursting head and the pipe are introduced from an entry pit, and the pulling rods are removed from an exit hole or shaft. One can also launch and exit through existing structures such as a manhole. Doing this reduces the amount of excavation required.

The technique is most cost efficient if there are few lateral connections, when upgrading the capacity and when the old pipeline is very damaged and cannot be repaired.

  • The primary benefit of this technique is that it is trenchless. Considering that no excavation is done, it causes less disruption to residents, city streets and lawns.
  • The technique is also economical. Digging trenches to replace pipes is time-consuming and costly. Considering that there is no excavation, the cost is reduced considerably.
  • Among the other trenchless techniques, pipe bursting is the only one that allows replacement using larger pipes.
  • The new pipe, which is usually HDPE, is very strong and flexible too. Therefore, it is appropriate for installations where strength is required.
  • It is also environmentally friendly. It is because only minimum excavation is required. In fact, the excavation done is 86 percent less than open cut.

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