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Utah Rooter Service

Plumbing problems, blocked pipes and clogged drains can be costly and frustrating. Our rooter technicians use specialized equipment and the latest technology to quickly handle your plumbing issues.

About Rooter Drain Cleaning

Our rooter machines are designed to dislodge build-up in pipes due to debris, grease, soap, tree roots and other foreign objects. By using a drain snake with a rotating cable that has an attached blade, rooters can efficiently clean clogged pipes in residences or businesses.

When to Call for Rooter Service

  • Severe leaks and overflows with potential structural damage.
  • Raw sewage backups and overflows that could present a health hazard.
  • Loss of water supply or low water pressure.
  • Gurgling sounds coming from the drain.
  • Water backs up from sink or drain.
  • Drain gives off a foul or strange odor
  • Plus more

Utah Rooter Plumber

Licensed Plumbers & Expert Rooter Techs in Utah

Any Hour Services, your rooter plumbing technicians, will quickly diagnose the cause of your clogged drain and recommend the best solution. Our plumbing trucks carry all the specialized tools and parts necessary to complete same day plumbing and rooter services. Schedule rooter service with our expert drain techs today.

We Commonly Handle the Following Rooter Services

  • Kitchen drain clogs
  • Drain blockage
  • Clogged bathroom sink
  • Clogged shower and tub drains
  • Clogged toilets
  • Basement floor drain clogs
  • Laundry floor drain clogs
  • Main line issues
  • Plus more

Utah Rooter Cleaning