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Preparing Your Household Plumbing for the Holidays

preparing your household plumbing for the holidays

If you are planning on house guests this holiday season, along with all of your holiday prep, you might want to also pay attention to the plumbing. With more people using the sinks, showers, and toilets, the plumbing is taking on the added pressure. However, by following these steps, you can be rest assured that you are doing everything you can to avoid most major plumbing problems which occur during peak holiday times. Furthermore, if you are aware of any plumbing issues in your home, make sure you address them prior to the holiday season and before your guests arrive. It’s always better to address problems when they’re small and before they get out of hand. Not only is it expensive to get a plumber out to your home unexpectedly during the holidays, but the backups can be frustrating.

Cover All Tub Drains With Drain Strainers

Before your guests arrive, it is a great idea to cover all your drains with drain strainers. These can catch most items that cause clogged drains in the tub such as small toys, clumps of soap, and hair.

cover tub drains with strainer

Get Your Water Heater Serviced

Manufacturers recommend you have your water heater serviced once a year for optimal performance and reliability. This tune-up can flush the sediment that settles at the bottom of your water heater tank, check your anode rod and perform other tests on your water heater to ensure that your water heater will service you and your guests all season long. Having it serviced before periods of heavy usage, you can avoid major costs, total shutdowns and other water heater related plumbing problems during the holidays. 

Additionally, To achieve extended hot water results, turn up your water heater’s temperature. To avoid scalding, never exceed 120°F and remember to turn the temperature back down after the holidays to save on energy costs.

get your water heater serviced

Never Flush Non-Flushable Items

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised to learn that some of the most common reasons for clogged toilets comes from people flushing non-flushable items such as tissues, feminine hygiene products, cotton balls, facial scrub pads, diapers, ear cleaning swabs, hair clumps, paper towels, or wet wipes. Place your bathroom trash can in a highly visible location and remind your guests to please use the trash can for anything that is not toilet paper.

do not flush items you aren't supposed to flush

Keep Bathroom Doors Shut

When adults are chatting, it is common for the little ones to stray out of sight. As a rule of thumb (and as an added safety measure), it is a good idea to keep your bathroom doors shut, keep the toilet lid down, and remind your guests to do the same. Kids are drawn to water. They can easily flush toys and other items down the toilet, causing major plumbing issues and, in more tragic cases, cause themselves serious injury or even death.

keep bathroom doors shut

Select Proper Wash Load Size

By selecting the appropriate load size for laundry, you can reduce the amount of water waste running through the drains. Try to run only full loads in the washer to save water and so you don’t have to run the washer as frequently. Make sure your guests ask you for assistance if they don’t feel comfortable operating your washing machine using the proper settings.

select proper wash load size

Use Washing Machine and Dishwasher During Low Water Usage Hours

Wait until your guests and family members have showered and water usage is at its lowest point of the day to ensure your water pressure is strong.

use washing machine during peak hours

By following these steps, you can reduce or even avoid the chances of encountering a major plumbing disaster during the holidays. Remember, if you are aware of any plumbing issues in your home, make sure you address them prior to the holiday season and before your guests arrive. Getting a plumber out to your home during the holiday hours can be an expensive and frustrating ordeal.

If you do experience an unexpected plumbing emergency this season, make sure you are aware of any extra holiday service fees beforehand and always call a licensed plumber. If you don’t have an expert you trust, call Any Hour Services and we’d be happy to help you get back to enjoying the holiday season with your guests.

Author: Amber Smith-Johnson
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Posted: November 3rd, 2017 @ 12:00am by tammy