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This Could be the Answer to Your WiFi Woes!

wifi tuneup

If you’re like most people, you’re probably frustrated by dead spots, slow buffering speeds, and inconsistencies in your home WiFi. And with Christmas coming and more tech gadgets showing up under the tree, as well as more holiday guests and visitors plugging in at your house, your WiFi woes will only get worse. At this point, most people think that calling their internet provider and signing up for faster speeds is the solution. But before you call up your provider and spend all that money, wait!

The internet coming into your house is actually pretty reliable already; wouldn’t it be a better idea to work with the equipment and the service you already have? You may or may not know this, but there are a number of fairly easy things you can do yourself to get more consistent coverage out of the equipment you already have. To learn more about troubleshooting your own equipment, click here

wifi tuneup router check

However, if you’ve already tried fixing the problem yourself, or if you’re overwhelmed by technology, Any Hour Services has come up with a solution to your WiFi troubles. Instead of increasing your monthly internet bill, Any Hour has put together a 28 point WiFi tune-up and system evaluation that can help maximize your system so you can get more reliable internet throughout the house. Some people think more speed is the answer but if you don't have a reliable signal, it doesn't matter what your speeds are. Our Smart Home pros have special software that can identify the things causing interference in your home, allowing them to change the settings in your hardware to make sure that you are transmitting and receiving on the optimal channels and frequencies. This ensures your wifi signal is as reliable as possible—and it’s a one-time tune-up that will save you money on internet contracts.

wifi tuneup router check

Here are just a few of the 28 points your Smart Home Pro will address as part of your WiFi tune-up:

  • • Conducts thorough download and upload speed tests
  • • Discovers all the devices connected in the house
  • • Identifies other signals that could be interfering with yours
  • • Reconfigures the settings on your current router to optimize performance
  • • Redirects your router to transmit and receive on optimal channels and frequencies
  • • Checks all interior and exterior cable locations and conditions
  • • Verifies security protocols

...And so much more!

The best news is that they have a sheet they’ll go over with you so you can identify—along with the technician—where your issues are and how to resolve them. Usually this service is $149 but as a holiday special for Any Hour customers, if you reference this blog post, this complete 28-point tune-up is only $49! Call today and get your WiFi holiday-ready: 801-443-7272.

wifi tuneup

Author: Amber Smith-Johnson
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Posted: November 21st, 2017 @ 12:00am by tammy