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Professional Arc Fault Circuit Services In Utah!

Situations In Which Electrical Arcs May Be Created:

  • AFCI Installation
  • Damaged electrical cords
  • Damage to wire insulation from nails or screws driven through walls
  • Appliance cords damaged by heat, natural aging, kinking, impact or over-extension
  • Loose connections in outlets, switches and light fixtures

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CAUTION: Only a Utah licensed electrical contractor should install AFCIs. The AFCI installation involves working within electrical panel boxes that are electrically live, even when the main circuit breakers are turned off!

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At Any Hour Services, your AFCI experts, we have professional electricians - licensed in Utah. If you have any additional questions about arc fault circuit interrupters, or if you'd like to schedule an appointment for an electrical inspection to assess the safety of your electrical system, contact Any Hour Services today!

Arc Fault FAQ

As the premier electrical contractors in Utah, we have set ourselves apart from other home electricians by choosing to educate our customers on how electrical systems work as well as the importance of electrical safety. The following are some questions regarding arc fault circuit interrupters, with answers from our professional electrical technicians. For additional questions, contact Any Hour Services.

What is an arc fault?

An arc occurs when electricity "jumps" between two conductive materials. When you reach out to grab a doorknob and get shocked, the little blue spark that jumps between you and the knob is called an arc. Electrical lightning is another example of an arc. In both of these examples, the two conductive materials do not have to be touching in order for electricity to "jump" between them. Electrical arcs can also occur within the components in your home's electrical system, a phenomenon known as an arc-fault.

How Does Arc-Fault Occur?

An arc-fault occurs when loose or corroded connections make intermittent contact. The sporadic contact can result in sparking or arcing between the electrical connections. The electrical arcing can translate into heat that can trigger an electrical fire. There are a few different types of arcing that can occur in your home: line-to-neutral arc faults, line-to-ground arc faults and series arc faults. Electrical arcs can be caused by many things, including: accidentally driving a nail into a wire while hanging a picture, stringing too many extension cords together, pushing furniture against a wall and pinching power cords, and loose connections on electrical switches and outlets.

Why are arc faults so dangerous for your home or business?

Electrical arcing conditions can take place in older and newer homes and is extremely dangerous. This is because of the massive amounts of heat created when an arc occurs, as well as the damage that can occur if the arcing continues to happen. Sometimes arcs manifest themselves quickly, and other times they go unnoticed for years until it's too late. Regular electrical maintenance, as well as an annual electrical safety inspection, can help catch these conditions early. The AFCI professionals at Any Hour Services provide Utah electrical maintenance programs and electrical safety inspections.

Where do I need Arc Fault protection in Utah?

Arc Fault and GFCI protection is valuable throughout your entire home. Due to arc fault circuit interrupters' ability to help reduce fires caused by electrical systems, many professional electricians recommend that the entire home be protected with arc fault breakers and receptacles. In some states, the only areas required by law to have arc fault protection are bedrooms and any circuit controlling something in a bedroom. For more information on the AFCI requirements in Utah, contact the AFCI experts at Any Hour Services.

How do Arc Fault Breakers and Arc Fault Receptacles work?

Arc fault breakers work by stopping the flow of electricity through a circuit when arcing occurs in that circuit. The dangerous arcing that can start fires in your home leaves a specific wave signature, which is recognized by the electronics inside of arc fault breakers and arc fault receptacles. When the AFCI detects the arcing, it will kill power to the circuit, thus avoiding a possible fire hazard. Whenever these devices trip, the cause should be investigated by a licensed electrician in Utah who knows how to troubleshoot electrical problems.

Should I install arc fault breakers in my home or business?

Homeowners and tenants may wish to install AFCI protection for both new and existing homes. Homes with ordinary circuit breakers will benefit from the added protection that AFCIs provide against the arcing faults that can occur in aging wiring systems. Most homes built prior to 2002 do not have AFCI technology.

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Arc Fault in UT

Always contact a skilled electrician to conduct any electric meter work. All of the electricity running through your home comes directly from the power lines to the electric meter. Electric meters are extremely dangerous. It is illegal for anyone besides a licensed electrician to tamper with an electric meter or panel, fuse box or power lines. Any offense to this law is punishable by fine or imprisonment.

Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter (AFCI)

"In 2005, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 20,900 reported home structure fires involving electrical distribution or lighting equipment. These fires resulted in 500 civilian fire deaths, 1,100 civilian fire injuries, and $862 million in direct property damage." - National Fire Protection Association

Local and national building codes are becoming more and more strict in enforcing regulations that require arc fault circuit interrupter (AFCI) protection in the form of arc fault breakers (AFCI breakers) and arc fault receptacles (AFCI receptacles). Given the above statistics, it's not hard to see why. The AFCI specialists at Any Hour Services understand the importance of electrical safety technology, and encourage customers to have AFCI protection installed whenever possible. Our licensed residential electricians in can come to your home and talk to you about the advantages of having arc fault circuit interrupters as part of your home's electrical safety plan.

Afci Vs. Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI)

GFCI is a device designed to prevent an electrical shock. A ground fault occurs when there is a current leak from a circuit and the current is diverted to the ground. The National Electrical Code requires GFCI protection for outlets and receptacles located near or in the following areas of your home or business: 

Outdoor GFCI Bathroom GFCI Garage GFCI Kitchen GFCI Crawl space GFCI Unfinished basement GFCI in Laundry room GFCI Locations near water such as hot tubs or swimming pools Plus more Contact our GFCI installation specialists for more GFCI information or to have an electrical inspection conducted to ensure your home or business is up to code.

Electrician Providing ARC Fault Services Throughout Utah!

Our expert electricians provide all ARC fault services to Utah residents all along the Wasatch Front (and the Wasatch Back). These areas include Salt Lake County, Utah County, Summit County and Weber / Davis County and all their major metropolitan areas such as Salt Lake City, Orem / Provo, Ogden / Layton, Spanish Fork, Tooele, Lehi / Saratoga Springs / Eagle Mountain / Cedar Hills, Highland / Alpine / Cedar Hills, Draper / Sandy, South Jordan / West Jordan, Riverton, West Valley, and even Park City and Heber!

Our goal is to be the No. 1 electrical company in Utah. So when you find yourself thinking "Find an electrician near me...", think of us! You can count on a fast and friendly experience from our highly trained electricians!