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Utah Hybrid Heating Systems

Hybrid heating offers the best of both worlds: hybrid heating reduces heating costs while also helping the environment. Most people are familiar with the concept of hybrid vehicles using two energy sources to increase fuel efficiency. Hybrid heating follows the same idea, using a mixture of different heating energy sources to achieve greater efficiency without sacrificing the comfort you expect from your HVAC system.

Utah Hybrid Heating System

How Hybrid Heating Works

To achieve hybrid heating Utah HVAC systems use electric heat pumps during cool weather and furnaces during times of extreme coldness. Hybrid HVAC systems use each type of heating technology where it’s most comfortable and costs less to operate, providing an efficient alternative to the traditional furnace in Utah. When it is cold, but not freezing, people prefer heat pumps as they provide a consistent “mellow” heat; furnaces, on the other hand, deliver sporadic blasts of hot air that can be uncomfortably during mild weather. With hybrid heating services Utah furnaces will only kick in when temperatures begin to really drop and consistent hot air is needed.

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We provide residential and commercial hybrid heating services and we will send our qualified HVAC journeyman in Utah to handle all your HVAC needs. Every HVAC tech at Any Hour Services is licensed, insured and highly experienced to handle all hybrid heating and furnace repair issues.

Utah hybrid heating

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Benefits of Hybrid Heating

Hybrid heating combines both sources of heating to provide the most comfortable indoor air, based on the outside temperature. Hybrid heating in Utah may cost more in terms of heating installation, simply because it is essentially two complete systems in one, providing year-round heating and cooling. However, the money saved each year on fuel costs more than makes up for the initial extra cost.

A few of the many advantages of hybrid heating installation include:
  • Hybrid heating uses only the exact amount of heating energy needed to warm your home.
  • Hybrid heating technology wastes less heat, reducing your utility bills.
  • A hybrid heating installation takes “free heat” from the air by using a heat pump at mild temperatures.
  • These dual HVAC systems create a more uniform temperature throughout your home.
  • Hybrid heating helps the environment by using less fossil fuels.
  • The heat pump works as a high-efficiency air conditioner during warmer months to provide year-round comfort.
  • Plus more

Any Hour Services is proud to serve Utah for all its HVAC and hybrid heating service needs. Call today for a same day estimate or to have your hybrid heating questions answered. Our skilled HVAC technicians stand ready to help you heat your home efficiently, comfortably, and affordably.

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