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Utah Water Heater Tune-Ups

Reasons to Get a Tune-Up

  • Extend life of water heater
  • Improve performace
  • Lack of hot water
  • Not hot enough water
  • Off-color water
  • Bad odors
  • Noises emanating from the tank
  • Leaking water
  • ...and more

Water Heater Tune Up

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Why get your tank or tankless water heater tuned-up from Any Hour Services? The water heater in your home is a unit you can rely on for over a decade, but it will not stand up to consistent use without regular tune-ups. Tune-ups for your tank or tankless water heater consist of regular services that maintain the interior and exterior of your unit. A water heater is only as good as the service it receives, and your home is only as safe as the service you schedule. Regular tune-ups from our licensed plumbers help keep your water heater running at it's best!

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Regular appointments to tune up your Utah water heater are more important than anything else you can do for your water heater. To get the most out of your water heater, you will want to schedule appointments with every few months. Quarterly or semi-annual appointments from Any Hour Service, to tune-up and to service your water heater, will ensure that we catch any problems that are brewing inside your water heater.

Tune-ups for your water heater include simple repairs that Any Hour Service can complete on the spot. Small and large repairs can be completed using parts from our plumber's fully stocked truck, and any repairs performed will further prevent larger problems from happening in the future. Simple repairs are only the first part of our water heater service process, but these repairs allow you to keep your water heater in good condition for the entire life of your water heater.

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The inspection that precedes a tune-up will include a thorough inspection of the water heater, its parts, the area of the house where it sits and the interior of the unit. Tune-ups involve updates to the gas line, electric line, the tank and the piping around the tank. Our licensed Utah plumbers can complete your tankless or tank water heater tune-ups that improve each of the parts of your water heater, and the improvements extend the life of your heater overall. A water heater that once was meant to last for ten years could last for another ten years after your tune-up with the right attention. The money you spent purchasing your home's water heater should not be wasted, and a tune-up will help you keep it in the best shape possible!

When Is A Tune-Up Not Necessary? Any Hour Services's licensed plumbers will visit your home and can then tell you if your water heater is worth repairing. There are times when a water heater is too badly in disrepair for any work done to help. At that point, your expert plumbers will recommend a list of new water heater brands available to you.

Choose to invest in the health of your water heater before it is too late. Tune-ups will extend the life of a water heater by several years, and you will save money on future repairs for your water heater. Contact Any Hour Service to get the best possible service during your next water heater tune-up! Any Hour Service operates from our headquarters in Orem, Utah, but our techs and dispatch stations are located throughout most of the state of Utah to service your water heater tune up needs. The most common areas for our techs to service include the Utah County areas, the greater Salt Lake City metro region, the northern Utah regions including Ogden / Davis County metro as well as the east side of the Wastach Mountains in Park City and Heber Valley.

Water Heater Tune-Up Services Throughout Utah!

Our expert AC technicians provide tune-up services to Utah residents all along the Wasatch Front (and the Wasatch Back). These areas include Salt Lake County, Utah County, Summit County and Weber / Davis County and all their major metropolitan areas such as Salt Lake City, Orem / Provo, Ogden / Layton, Spanish Fork, Tooele, Lehi / Saratoga Springs / Eagle Mountain / Cedar Hills, Highland / Alpine / Cedar Hills, Draper / Sandy, South Jordan / West Jordan, Riverton, West Valley, and even Park City and Heber!