Free Furnace

Free Furnace

Free Furnace

Limited Time Offer!

No Gimmicks - Here's How It Works

A free furnace may sound too good to be true - but it's not! And it's the best thing for our business. Here's how it works: When you have Any Hour Services install a new Carrier Air Conditioner we'll give you a new Carrier furnace if you'll help us cover the cost to install it, about $400. The furnace is free. You just pay the labor.

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Why Is A Free Furnace Good For Business

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This Month Is Slow For Us

Despite the season it always seems to slow down about this time of year and we can’t have our guys sitting at home.

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Our Guys Need The Work

When technicians are working and providing for their families, they are happy. Happy techs mean better customer services.

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Summer Is Coming Soon

We believe we have the best HVAC techs around and we need them all to help keep up with the high demand the summer brings.

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We Have Company Goals

We need to install a certain number of furnaces each year to hit our goals, continue growing and help more people.

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Help Us And We Help You

If you help us keep our guys working, we help you with a great deal.

install a new furnace free Utah

This time of year is a little slower and if you help us keep our guys busy, we'll help you with a great deal.

Any Hour Services is one of utah's largest residential service providers for electrical, plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repairs and equipment replacement. As such, we have more buying power than most, but in order to continue getting the best prices from our suppliers, they have to install a certain amount of equipment each season. This is not usually an issue; however, even with the cold, this winter has been slower than past winters and Any Hour is scrambling

We are a little worried we won't be able to sell all the furnaces we need to before summer hits and rather than risking a price increase from their suppliers, we will give away furnaces until we hit the number we need to.

This promotion doesn't last very long so call today and schedule a free visit from one of our HVAC supervisor who can explain all your options. Your equipment will be installed quickly and with the same quality parts as if you were paying full price. With financing options available, what do you have ot lose? Call Any Hour Services today and schedule.

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Get a Free Furnace!

This promotion doesn't last very long so call Any Hour Services today and schedule a free visit from one of their HVAC supervisor who can explain all your options.


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We've trained the electrician that comes to your home to:

  • Respect you, your home and your time
  • Listen to and understand your unique situation
  • Help you understand what options are available
  • Present you with a price before the work begins
  • Happily perform the work you choose

It's also important to have an HVAC technician that is:

  • Licensed, certified, bonded and insured
  • Background-checked and drug-tested
  • Technically competent and proficient
  • Up-to-date on the latest safety codes and industry standars
  • Trustworthy in your home and around your family

Doug's Story

"I'm retired Army. The house was built in 1950 and a lot of improvements have needed to be done. I have never met a group of finer young people that were super qualified in every area -- whether it was heating, plumbing, electrical or whatever -- they would be the type of team that I would want to put together myself if I were running a company, and I have nothing but praise. I know I can trust their work."

"...I have nothing but praise. I know I can trust their work."

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