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Professional Whole House Surge Protection Installation in Utah!

A whole-house surge protector can protect all your appliances and electronic devices including:

  • Electronics
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Computer and network equipment
  • Exercise equipment
  • Telephone, Internet and cable equipment
  • Satellite equipment
  • Furnace
  • Home entertainment systems
  • Air conditioner
  • Electronic washers and dryers
  • Plus more!

$35 Off Any Service

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Although electrical surges are not always avoidable, the damage done by them can be. It is important to take precautionary measures, like installing a whole house surge protection system from Any Hour Services, to safeguard your appliances, computers, and other electronic devices from surges to avoid precious data loss and hardware damage.

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Why Install Whole-House Surge Protection System in Utah?

Utah Home Surge Protection Installation

An electrical surge occurs when there is a sudden and unexpected spike in voltage that travels throughout your home's electrical system. Surges can be extremely damaging to appliances and electrical devices that are plugged in at the time of the electrical surge, even if the appliances are turned off. Nearly all appliances contain microprocessor circuit boards to control their operation.

Power surges can easily damage the microprocessors, resulting in the necessity for expensive electrical repairs or replacement. The majority of power surges originate within your home. Some research suggests that 40 to 80 percent of all power surges are caused by appliances and items that draw heavy loads from your electrical system. Appliances, such as air conditioners, ovens, dryers and large printers can all cause electrical surges.

Electrical surges can originate outside of your home as well. When utility line power varies above and below normal operating parameters, a power surge can result. If lightning struck near a home, a surge might travel through the home's electrical system, forcing a huge amount of electricity into the system and frying everything plugged in.

Although your property is grounded, electronic equipment, many appliances, and other electrical devices may not be fully protected against surges of electricity that enter your home or office. The electrical experts at Any Hour Services, your Utah Electrician experts, offer whole house electrical surge protection in order to prevent damage occurring from hazardous spikes in electricity.

Our home surge protection systes are designed to guard your entire property from harmful electrical surges. To offer protection, our licensed and professional electricians install a device that is connected to your home's main electrical service panel. The surge protection device monitors your grounding system for excessive voltage levels between neutral and ground. If the device senses an unusual level of electricity, power is immediately shut off before it affects the inside of your property. Whole house surge protection can give you a distinct advantage of protection for your internal electrical wiring and electrical equipment.

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surge protection in UT

A licensed electrical contractor should be the one to install whole house surge protection because it involves working inside the electrical panel which contains live electrical wires (even with the main breaker turned off). Call Any Hour Services, your Utah surge protection experts, to ask about surge protection today.

If your home was built before 1985, you may qualify for a free electrical inspection. Please call today for your surge protection appointment or for a same day electrical estimate.

Whole House Surge Protection System Services Throughout Utah!

Our expert electricians provide whole house surge protection services to Utah residents all along the Wasatch Front (and the Wasatch Back). These areas include Salt Lake County, Utah County, Summit County and Weber / Davis County and all their major metropolitan areas such as Salt Lake City, Orem / Provo, Ogden / Layton, Spanish Fork, Tooele, Lehi / Saratoga Springs / Eagle Mountain / Cedar Hills, Highland / Alpine / Cedar Hills, Draper / Sandy, South Jordan / West Jordan, Riverton, West Valley, and even Park City and Heber!

Our goal is to be the No. 1 electrical company in Utah. So when you find yourself thinking "Find an electrician near me...", think of us! You can count on a fast and friendly experience from our highly trained electricians!