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Utah Furnace Tune-Ups

By conducting regular Utah furnace maintenance, there are no chilly surprises during the harsh winter season. In addition to a worry free heating system, your furnace will perform at maximum efficiency while potentially lowering your monthly energy costs. Any Hour Services, your Utah furnace maintenance experts, provides same day furnace tune-up services. Our HVAC techs can service all furnace models, including gas and propane, as well as tune up and repair your furnace to run perfectly all year round.

Utah Furnace Repairs

When to Perform Furnance Maintenance

Conducting furnace tune-ups ensures your heating system operates at the highest efficiency while providing you with improved comfort. While it is ideal to conduct routine furnace tune-ups before it gets cold, people often forget about furnace maintenance until the fall season. Although that is the busiest season for our furnace technicians, we are fully prepared to handle the increased need for furnace tune-ups. Contact Any Hour Services, your Utah furnace maintenance experts, for a same day furnace tune-up. Our furnace techs also provide no obligation furnace estimates.

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Schedule Your Utah Furnace Installation

Our furnace tune up experts will leave your furnace running at maximum efficiency. We can also make same day furnace repairs in addition to your furnace tune up. Call Any Hour Services today to schedule your furnace tune up service with one of our expert HVAC technicians in Utah.

Utah Heater Maintenance

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Heating System Maintenance Checklist

Performing annual furnace tune-ups provides many benefits. Even if you have neglected to service your furnace for a few years, you can still benefit by starting regular heater maintenance now. We provide the following furnace maintenance services:

Utah Furnace Tune Ups

  • Completing a heat cycle to ensure your furnace is operating correctly
  • Complete furnace inspection
  • Check furnace filter for debris and dirt
  • Inspection of blower wheel
  • Fan belt inspection
  • Flame sensor cleaning
  • Heat pump service
  • Thermocouple inspection
  • Burner removal and cleaning
  • Heat exchanger inspection
  • Pilot assembly cleaning (for older furnaces)
  • Interior and exterior cabinet cleaning
  • Safety device inspection
  • Wiring inspection
  • Thermostat settings check
  • Check temperature rise against the nameplate rating
  • Gas leak detection and carbon monoxide testing with unit running
  • Plus more

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