Fun Facts about Air Conditioning

Is the history of household items fascinating to you, like it is to us?

Here are 4 fun facts about air conditioning and what the history of this appliance means for your house.

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  1. Willis Carrier invented the first modern air conditioner in 1902 for a Brooklyn, New York publishing company. The process kept the temperature and humidity low which prevented the paper from wrinkling.

  2. Movie theaters in the 1930’s were among the first businesses to use air conditioners. Cooling systems brought more customers to the theaters during the summer because it was a refuge from the sweltering heat. Film studios began releasing their biggest and best productions during the hot summer months because of the larger crowds, giving birth to the modern summer blockbuster.

  3. In the 1800’s, the US Senate usually ended legislative sessions during the summer. This was due to excessive humidity, heat and terrible air quality in the Senate chambers.

    Between 1916 and 1928, 34 Senators died while serving terms. Senator Royal Copeland of New York, a physician and former public health official, blamed their deaths on the poor air quality of the building. In 1928, the Carrier Corporation won the contract to install “manufactured weather” in the Chambers of the Senate. By August of the next year, the Senate finally had its first air-conditioning system. And 10 years after that, the rest of the House and Senate offices had cooling systems too.

  4. Starting in 1992, the US Energy Department began issuing conservation standards for manufacturers of residential air conditioners and heat pumps. The program drove air conditioning technology improvements that help homeowners save energy and money. In fact, as of 2015, air conditioners use about 50% less energy than they did in 1990.

Interested in more fun facts? Ask your HVAC technician! At Any Hour Services, our technicians are passionate about their trade and love to nerd out about things like this with you!

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