Air Conditioner Tune-up: What You Need to Know

Many people have asked what an air conditioner tune-up is, and more importantly, whether they really need to have one done. A "tune-up" is the term we use to describe the manufacturer's recommended maintenance and inspection items. If you look in your air conditioner owner’s manual, it will have a list of recommended items to have a qualified technician check out at least once a year.

To answer that question about needing one or not, think about your car. What would happen if you stopped getting your car’s oil change or you never rotated the tires? The lack of maintaining and cleaning would cause it to "wear out" and stop working sooner than it would have otherwise. Anything we maintain works better and lasts longer.

air conditioner tune-up

Your air conditioner has many moving parts and pieces that all have to work together in order to keep your home cool. Your air conditioner works hard every year. To keep it in good working order there are some things you can do and some things manufacturers recommend you do. Here are some helpful resources we put together about both.

Any Hour Services looked at the manufacturer's recommended maintenance and developed a checklist that allows us to systematically go through an air conditioner. We assess how it is running compared to how the manufacturer intended it to run. We go through the system top to bottom and document all our findings. We dedicated an episode of our podcast  'In the House' to this topic and discussed each item on our checklist.

  • In The House 015: AC Dealer Maintenance - Click Here

If keeping track of having your air conditioner serviced each year seems hard to remember, once you find a company you trust, I'm sure they would be happy to schedule your next visit at the time you have your air conditioner tune-up done ... kind of like you do when you have your teeth cleaned at the dentist.

Some companies offer maintenance programs to help you take care of the major systems in your home, like your air conditioner. Any Hour Services has a VIP Membership Club, that includes annual visits to service your air conditioner as well as member-only benefits.

For other helpful resources, subscribe to our YouTube channel. We release new videos each week to help you understand and maintain your home.



Author: Mike Wilson
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Mar 29th 2022

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