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Many people have asked what an air conditioner tune-up is and, more importantly, whether they really need to have one done. To answer that question, let’s first talk cars. What would happen if you stopped getting your car’s regular maintenance done? I think we all know: it would mean big trouble. From engine and transmission failure to other major safety hazards, we all get our oil changed and our cars maintained so we can keep them running longer.

air conditioner tune-up

The major systems in your home work exactly the same way. Anything with a lot of moving parts must be maintained to ensure that it continues to work consistently, efficiently, and effectively. Your HVAC system is definitely one of those with hundreds of small components that work overtime during the hottest and coldest seasons of the year to keep your family comfortable. Right now, in the summer, your AC is working morning and night and experiencing a lot of wear and tear. So, to keep it in good working order, manufacturers recommend that, on top of the maintenance you do yourself--like changing the filter--you get it serviced and maintained by a licensed HVAC technician at least once per year.

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Here at Any Hour Services, we’ve taken those manufacturer recommendations and created a tune-up and safety inspection checklist to make sure everything in your air conditioner is in good working order. Not only will they inspect every detail of the unit inside the home, but they’ll inspect the thermostat as well as the outdoor condenser unit. Basically, the tune-up and safety inspection is an investment in peace of mind. Below, we’ve included the actual list of all the different components our technicians will check as part of their inspection.

On a high level, the inspection includes a detailed look at three areas of your air conditioning system: the thermostat, the furnace, and the outdoor condenser unit. We check all electrical connections, fans, lines, coils, motors, filters, and more. We do a thorough evaluation of your system from top to bottom to make sure everything is working properly and then we’ll leave you with a full report. This way, you know exactly what’s happening with your system and what to look for. 

What if keeping track of your HVAC system’s annual maintenance seems overwhelming? That’s okay! Some of our customers will actually choose to enroll in our Comfort Assurance Plan (CAP) so they don’t have to remember these annual maintenance inspections at all. As part of your CAP membership, we will call and remind you and then come and do the tune-up and system check. As part of your plan, you can even add other systems to your CAP plan and have a licensed plumber check and inspect your lines or a licensed and certified electrician come and do an annual electrical inspection. 

To see everything that's included with our AC Tune-up. This is the actual form we use when checking your system!

checking system form

If you have any questions, call Any Hour Services and we’ll send a licensed HVAC technician to your home to help answer them for you!


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Author: Amber Smith-Johnson
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Apr 20th 2021

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