February 2020 Promos

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0% Financing

60 Months

Through the end of February, we're offering 60 months, 0% interest financing on HVAC system replacements -- PLUS a free 10-year extended parts and labor warranty. This is one of the slowest times of the year for our HVAC install departments so we run special promotions to keep our guys working. Our slow time ends up being the best time to buy a new system.

If your system is over 12 years old and you'd like to find out more about replacing your HVAC system, one of our HVAC supervisors would be happy to come to your home and show you all of your options. The visit is free and there is no obligation to buy. Call today and schedule the day and time that works best for your schedule.

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0% financing available

Free Water Softener

With Tankless Water Heater Purchase

If you've ever thought about upgrading to a tankless water heater, this is the time of year to talk to one of our plumbers. Through the end of February, we’re offering a FREE water softener with any Noritz tankless water heater purchase!

With this promotion, not only will you enjoy endless hot water from your new tankless system, but you’ll also enjoy it nearly maintenance-free, as the water softener will prevent hard water buildup as well as wear and tear on your water heater.

With a tankless water heater, you’ll never have to worry about being the last one to shower ever again and you won’t have to waste money keeping 40-50 gallons of water hot 24/7. You can have hot water whenever you need it--and everybody loves that!

To take advantage of this offer, call to schedule one of our plumbing technicians to come and do a free tankless water heater estimate for you. There’s no obligation to buy and the estimate visit is free. Purchase a Noritz tankless water heater and we’ll throw in a free water softener, both professionally installed. Why wait? Call today! Schedule Appointment 801-443-7272

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free water softener with tankless water heater purchase

$1,200 OFF

Sewer Main Line Replacement

If you’ve been experiencing sewer main line trouble, this is the deal for you. If you’ve held off on getting your sewer main line fixed because you weren't sure what your options were or you didn't feel comfortable with the options you were given, call Any Hour for a free second opinion.

This time of year our Sewer Department is slower than usual which gives us more time to help you with your sewer questions and concerns. We have the technology to pinpoint the location of an issue for a spot repair as well as trenchless technology that can replace your sewer line without having to dig up your entire yard. We are happy to answer any questions you have, show you all of the options available, and help you choose the one that's right for you. Call today and schedule one of our supervisors from the drains department to come out and give you a free second opinion. And if you decide to go ahead with the work, take $1200 off with this deal!

Schedule Appointment 801-443-7272

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free second opinion sewer replacement

$50 OFF

Your Next Electrical Project

Regardless of the size or scope of your electrical project, our licensed electricians can help. And there is not as much demand for electricians this time of year which means we can get to your project quickly and save you $50. From replacing an outlet to installing a ceiling fan, running a new circuit or replacing a panel, from wiring your basement to installing a whole-home backup generator -- our electricians are ready and willing to help. Call today.

Schedule Appointment 801-443-7272

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electrical work


Furnace Diagnosis

Your furnace has lots of moving parts and pieces. They all have to be working properly in order for your furnace to work. Lack of maintenance and lack of airflow can put extra strain on the internal components causing them to fail prematurely. $29 gets you a certified HVAC technician to troubleshoot and diagnose your system, figure out what’s not working and then show you options to repair it. Call now to schedule an appointment.

This offer can be combined with other offers and discounts. Call 801-443-7272 or speak with your technician for more information. Homeowners only. Call for details.  [back to top]

$29 furnace troubleshoot


Electrical Electrical
  • $35 OFF Any Completed Electrical Work
  • $40 OFF Any Electrical Troubleshooting 
  • $45 OFF GFCI Outlet Replacement or Install
  • $299 Surge Protector Install
  • Save Up to $1,025 on Heat Tape Install
Plumbing Plumbing
  • $35 OFF Any Completed Plumbing Work
  • $40 OFF Any Water Heater Repair
  • $100 OFF Water Heater Replacement/Install
  • $249 Garbage Disposal Replacement
  • $299 Pipe Jetting
  • Free Water Softener with Noritz Tankless Water Heater Install
Air Conditioning Heating and Air
  • $29 Furnace Troubleshoot (reg $59)
  • $29 Furnace Tune-up (reg $99)
  • $40 OFF Any Furnace Repair
  • $350 OFF Furnace Replacement
  • $800 OFF New HVAC System install
  • Free Bid on New Furnace Install
Drains Drains
  • $43 Drain Clear ($179 value)
  • $99 Main Line Rooter Service
  • $149 Main Line Camera
  • $150 OFF Main Line Spot Repair
  • $1,200 OFF Sewer Main Line Replacement
Solar Solar
  • Free Solar Assessment
  • $1,500 OFF Rooftop Solar
801-443-7272 Schedule an Appointment

Homeowners only. Not valid with other offers. Call for details!   [back to top]

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