Your Garbage Disposal Needs Some Attention


We've all done it. We've walked into the kitchen and smelled something...weird. But then, as we've walked closer to the sink, noses raised in the air to sniff out the culprit, the weird smell becomes stronger, until it's downright rank: there is a smell of death and decay coming from the disposal! But how do you fix it? There has got to be an easy way to make that smell go away!

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Remove the rubber splash guard from the disposal drain, if you can. Some come out and some don't. Don't force it if it doesn't come out!

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MAKE SURE YOUR DISPOSAL IS OFF! You might even want to unplug the disposal or turn the disposal breaker off for safety. While wearing rubber gloves, try to remove as much debris from the sink as you can. Check for food pieces and organic matter that may be rotting in there, small items that may have become caught in the disposal, etc. Rinds and skins are especially bad for the disposal. They can become trapped and never make their way down the drain, only wearing out the disposal and contributing to that funky smell in a major way.

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While the disposal is running, send ice cubes down the drain. The ice cubes will help your disposal churn everything to get it down the drain. Some people will also add salt to the ice to help churn it up and clean the disposal blades. Once it's churned the ice to the consistency of a smoothie, run water to get the remainder down, and turn the disposal off.

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Finally, send hot, soapy water down the drain.

garbage disposal freshen up

Repeat these steps as needed to ensure that it's all clear. And then, you can start enjoying a fresh-smelling kitchen once again!

However, if you've completed all of these steps and your drain still smells like death, you might want to call a professional plumber. You may have bigger problems down the line that a professional may need to diagnose.

Author: Amber Smith-Johnson
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Jan 16th 2020

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