What Does "High-Efficient HVAC" Even Mean?

What is a “High-Efficient” furnace or air conditioner? Does it matter? Would one save you money? Should you invest in a High-Efficient furnace or air conditioner? We’ll answer all these questions in this video. We’ll also go over how High-Efficient HVAC units work.

A High-Efficient (or HE) unit needs to heat or cool your home using the same amount of energy as a standard unit or less. For example, when an 80 percent furnace is working, it wastes 20 cents from every dollar as fuel burns. A 98 percent furnace only loses 2.

A big part of how HE systems can save so much is length. An HE furnace will have two heat exchangers, doubling the amount of time the air heats up. An HE air conditioner might have twice the amount of pipe, so it can cool the air that much more.

And on top of saving you money, HE systems do a better job of keeping your home comfortable. Many of them work in stages so that if it's a cooler day, your air conditioner won’t run at full power all day. It’ll only run high when it gets hot enough for it. And a lot of HE units are much quieter than the standard options.

If you’re considering upgrading your HVAC units, Any Hour Services would be happy to help. One of our certified technicians can come to your home and discuss pricing and options with you. You can give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

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Author: Nathanael Stuver
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Mar 13th 2023

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