March 2019 Promos

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Free Furnace

How to Get One!

Here's HOW it works: when you have Any Hour Services install a new Carrier air conditioner, we'll give you a new Carrier furnace for just the cost to install it, about $400. The furnace is free, you just pay the labor to install it.

If you’ve considered getting a new furnace and air conditioner, there is NO better time. This promotion fills our schedule so don't wait to meet with one of our HVAC supervisors to find out all of the details.

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Free furnace with AC replacement

Plumbing Upgrades

$249 Faucet, Toilet, or Garbage Disposal

Do you have a broken or outdated kitchen faucet, misbehaving toilet, or dysfunctional garbage disposal you wish you could replace? Well, this month, you can get each one of those replaced for only $249! Get a new single-handle pull-out kitchen faucet, 3" elongated toilet (extra for comfort height) or a 3/4 HP garbage disposal installed and update the look, feel, and functionality of your kitchen or bathroom! Price includes parts and labor. 

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plumbing upgrades


Save on Water Heater Earthquake Prep

In an earthquake, your water heater can tip over, not only spilling water and making a huge mess, but it also could sever the gas line, causing a leak or a fire. It’s important to see if your water heater is prepared for an earthquake. If your water heater has these three things on it, it is prepared: 2 earthquake straps, a flexible gas line, and an easy shut-off gas valve.

If your water heater does not have these items installed, we have some deals currently running for any Utah homeowner that wants to have these installed on their water heater and be more prepared for the next earthquake.

  1. Earthquake straps - $99 (reg $197)
  2. Flexible gas line to the heater - $149 (reg $197)
  3. Easy shut-off gas valve - $197 (reg $266)

For more information or to schedule an appointment for one of our licensed plumbers to come to your home, call Any Hour Services.

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water heater earthquake prepared


$100 Off Air Quality Improvements

Winter is when inversion is historically at its worst, we are offering $100 off a germicidal UV light that can kill airborne viruses, bacteria, and mold. This helps reduce the spread of germs and sickness. 

Additionally, our furnaces dry the already dry air in our homes. Take $100 off a whole home humidifier that can help with dry skin, bloody noses, as well as eliminating static electricity and improving the longevity of hardwood floors and furniture.

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better indoor air quality in your home


Electrical Electrical
  • $40 OFF Any Electrical Troubleshooting
  • $40 OFF USB Outlets
  • Free Bid on Back-up Generator
Drains Drains
  • $43 Drain Clean ($179 value)
  • $49 Main Line Camera ($268 value)
  • Free Second Opinion on Sewer Main Line Replacement
Plumbing Plumbing
  • $249 Kitchen Faucet Replacement
  • $100 OFF Water Heater Replacement/Install
  • $35 OFF Any Completed Plumbing Work
  • $49 Water Heater Tune-up ($149 value)
Solar Solar
  • Free Solar Assessment
  • Free Backup Generator ($1,800 value) with Any Solar Purchase
  • Free Second Opinion on Rooftop Solar install
Air Conditioning Heating and Air
  • $29 Preseason Air Conditioner Tune-up
  • $29 A/C or Furnace Troubleshoot
  • $100 OFF Air Quality Improvements (UV Light or Humidifier)
  • Free Second Opinion on New Air Conditioner or Furnace Install
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Homeowners only. Not Valid with other offers. Call for details! [back to top]

Feb 18th 2019

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