All-natural, Chemical-free Ways to Clear That Clog!

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For many of us, a blocked drain means we immediately turn to the bottle. Not to a bottle to drown our drain troubles, but to the bottle of chemical drain cleaner that we hope will power down our drain and eat through our blockages. And sure, this might work for the occasional clog - but what about persistent clogs? What about pipes that back up all the time and need steady treatment? Well, consider this: the same corrosive, powerful chemical that works so well on your clog also does a great job eating away at your pipes. It's an acerbic compound that doesn't have the brains to understand where the clog ends and your pipes begin. So, over time, those powerful drain cleaners could also be powering through the walls of your drains.

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Additionally, those chemical drain clearing products are washed down your drain and into our water supply. Before you send another flush of caustic chemicals down the drain, maybe it's time for some new, and extremely effective, alternatives! Each of these suggestions are natural, safe, and pack a lot of punch - while not impacting your drains or the environment.

Our suggestions are also divided into two categories: slow drains and blocked drains.

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Plunge First!

The first step to clearing a clog is to try the plunger. A one-time plunger purchase is an investment that can help clear your drains for years to come. It's a reusable system that is very effective if done correctly. Click here to watch a video on how to clear a clogged sink drain.

To find out how to effectively use a plunger and to discover which plunger you need for which jobs, click here.)

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Start Mild!

If the plunger isn't clearing your drain, now it's time for some fifth grade science. Remember the experiment you did in science class where you mix baking soda and vinegar together to make a volcano? This all-natural, mild chemical reaction can also help break down clogs while not being powerful enough to injure the walls of your pipes. Plus, it's super cool to take a jog down memory lane and make a volcano in the kitchen or bathroom.

Here's a video demonstrating how to do it - click here!

natural drain clear - baking soda and vinegar

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Go Fishing!

Use a coat hanger, crochet hook, or something similar on your bathtub or bathroom sink drain to try and get what you can out of the drain first. Perhaps there's a hairball you can fish out of the bathtub to get things flowing. Or, for your kitchen sink, while your disposal is off (of course!), reach your hand down the drain to try and get any solids out. If you feel confident in your plumbing skills, you can also remove the P-trap underneath the sink and try removing blockages that may exist there. If you try to get the block out this way, make sure you put a bucket under the sink to catch any water that might escape the pipe when the trap is detached. Removing as many obstacles as you can means that your drain cleaner won't have to work as hard. It might be gross, but this is your first step to getting that slow drain back on track.

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Enzymes to the Rescue!

Once you've removed what you can of your clog, if your drain is still running slowly, your next step is to try an organic drain cleaner like Bio-Clean. Bio-Clean is a natural enzyme. These tiny bacteria are activated by water, and, when sent down your drains, feed on organic matter like grease, hair, soap scum, or food buildup. However, because they only eat organic matter, they are perfectly safe for your pipes.

To use Bio-Clean effectively, it's best to start the process at night or during a time when no one will be using the affected drain. Mix the solution according to package directions and let it sit so the enzymes can work their magic and munch their way through the clog.

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If you've tried these all-natural solutions and none of them are working, try a chemical drain cleaner as a last resort. However, if you've tried a chemical product and are still not getting results, it's time to call a plumber you trust. If you don't already have a plumber, Any Hour Services has licensed plumbers and drain experts who can come and clear your problem. And if we can't - the service is on us. If we can't clear it, we won't charge you for it!


Author: Amber Smith-Johnson
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Mar 2nd 2021

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