JAN 2020 Newsletter: Desire For Your Success

As many of you know, I have a deep desire for each of your success and it burns within me, daily. I know that success is possible for each of you, here, because I see so many of you step out of your comfort zones and master our Any Hour service system or master your office positions. I see many of you making good money and moving up in the business or improving in your current positions. I see many of you who started here at the bottom and are now making good livings so that you can take care of your family’s needs and wants.

newsletter jan 2020

But some don’t put the extra time in and the extra work in, to be able to advance in their position, so, it makes me very sad to see good people making less money than they deserve. Because if they would just put forth the extra effort over a 3 to 5 year time and meet with their managers to see what they can do to improve and then do as their manager directs them to do, they would see that the company grows each year and that opportunity and raises happen, for those that will desire to build their career here.

Why are some making less money than they think they deserve? Mainly, it’s because they walk by more opportunity each day than they can ever realize, without discussing their invoices and their jobs with their manager. You could be doing your customer a huge favor by getting other trade techs out to see them, at a discounted rate and that would help you make more money and it helps others to be more successful also, plus it saves on marketing dollars which allows us to pay more to our marketing and to our office staff. Your customer wants to spend money on your services, that is why they called us out to their house. That is why they called our office staff, but they just don’t know about all of the cool things that you and the company can do for them yet. All office and field should know of all of the cool things that we provide to our customers. All of us have an opportunity to educate each other, educate our neighbors, and educate our customers. I’m passionate about so many of the cool services that we provide our customers for their home and I want you to be passionate about all of our products as well!

I am passionate about a toilet seat that closes softly, has a warm sprayer, a dryer, and a warm toilet seat, for extra comfort. I’m passionate about new tanked water heaters and also tankless water heaters and new faucets for the kitchen and bathroom.

I’m passionate about a drain that works properly and a new sewer line and water lines, clean freshwater, straight out of the tap. I’m passionate about a garbage disposal that has enough power to properly take care of a kitchen sink and the cooking demands of a family.

I’m passionate about indoor air quality and humidifiers and high-efficiency furnaces and air conditioners, because of what they all do for our comfort and well being. I’m passionate about a customer’s comfort and I like to see them enjoy their house as though it was a new home again. I love smart thermostats and generators and solar panels and new meters and panels and whole house surge suppression. 

I am passionate about three-pronged outlets wherein cords can function properly without ugly splitters on the wall. I love recessed can lights and LED bulbs for power savings and brand new light fixtures for the entire home, that make their home the envy of the neighborhood. I love providing extra outlets inside and outside of a home, for the homeowners convenience. I love white new switches, dimmer switches, night lights, and plenty of new circuits to run the whole house safely. I can’t stand the low quality of the ‘do it your selfer’ or of the ‘local handyman’.

I’m passionate about making sure a house is up to current code in all of the trades that we service. These houses are usually built by the lowest bidder and done to the bare minimum code. If you consider that code is updated every few years, a house that is only 7 or 8 years old is already two codebooks behind in electrical. The same goes for plumbing and HVAC. 

I love heavy equipment and new red trucks and seeing our brand driving all over the state. 

I’m passionate about great paperwork and office work. I’m passionate about excellence in taking calls and dispatching. 

I’d like to end this newsletter with a quote from Terry Nicholson. This quote defines my desire for each of you.

“Today is here and tomorrow will come and go but inside you lies tremendous talents you don’t know. With Vision, Discipline, and Belief today, success, joy, and happiness will come your way. The future you live tomorrow is the future you build today. I am Terry Nicholson and I’m excited about your future.”


Author: Wyatt Hepworth
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Dec 28th 2019

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