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profile of employee wyattYay for 2021!

I’m excited because I have a lot of information to go over with all of you. Each newsletter this year will build upon each other, sharing extensive information about our company, including how to be more successful now and what to look forward to in your future at Any Hour. I hope that you will find insight as you learn about the past and find inspiration as I explain more about the present and future plans for Any Hour. I hope that you can then talk with your manager about the goals and aspirations you have for yourself and your family for the next 12, 15, and even 20 years.

Through these messages, I’ll better define our goals. I’ll expound on how we can all progress to the next level this year and over future years. However, as we have these conversations about the future, I need to emphasize how important it is to remain focused on the present. You must continue to work hard to be successful today. 12 to 15 years will pass before we know it, so you must study, educate yourself about your position and about our industry, and improve yourself today so that you can find ways to be better at what you do, here, each and every day. As you seek to improve yourself, we will provide additional tools. For one, we will provide training--in fact, we are building a hands-on technical training facility this year. Additionally, we can recommend helpful books and give help and guidance through our managers.

Our managers and trainers are just like you and most of them were promoted from within. They were not always managers; they learn how to be better managers each day. We have a lot of hard-working managers and trainers here and a lot of great things are happening behind the scenes to hit our 12 to 15-year BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal). We are only as good as our people and even more so, we are only as good as our managers and the ownership of the company. If a company has weak leaders then the leaders cannot grow and elevate the team. We need selfless and hard-working leaders who put the teams’ needs ahead of their own and lift the entire team to higher levels. I hope that you all trust Jeremy and myself and also your managers with your career and with your future.

The book Good to Great sets out to prove that leadership and ownership don’t matter. The book argues that there must be something else making one company more successful than another. What they find is that leadership and teamwork are what matters most. If people work for leaders who care and work hard and the team works hard also, then the company grows and succeeds and the team members also grow and succeed. If the leaders and the employees feel entitled and are lazy and don’t want to work hard, when the going gets tough, the company goes bankrupt or it diminishes to insignificance.

We acknowledge that many of you, our team members, are working hard. We appreciate all of you more than you will ever know. We find strengths and value in you, and that is why we chose to have you on our team. We want you to continue to build on your strengths. Please reach out to your manager to see where they feel you are doing well and what they feel you can improve on. Keep an open mind about your weaknesses and be open because your goals matter to us. I can promise that if you focus on today and stay loyal that in 3 to 5 years, you will have had more success here than if you chose to stop improving or chose to leave.

If you choose to stay and grow with us, I promise you this: we have more opportunities here than anywhere else. The grass isn’t greener elsewhere. I promise you this is true. I know because I’ve been in this industry for 30+ years and I’ve owned this company for 27 years. I’ve visited with over 500 different companies around the nation, attending their trainings; also, countless companies have visited us. We have something special here that I’ve never seen anywhere else. However, we must work hard today; otherwise, we will fall short of our future goals.

I am reminded of Jeremy’s mission president's story of the beet farmer who works in his field all day. He has acres and acres of land and, as he harvests his beets, he keeps his head down and works. Once in a while, he looks up and sees how much more work needs to be done, and it seems daunting. He sees acres and acres ahead and starts to feel discouraged as he looks at all of the work still left to do. But at these moments, he looks back and sees how far he has come. There is much more harvested field behind than what is ahead. As he looks down the row, he also notices that he is not alone. He has a lot of help and the row is wide with many helping hands. He sees lines of others working hard, achieving the goal together. The beet farmer and his team are not rich, but they all have food on their tables and they have the knowledge that they can all provide for themselves and their families.

In this story, the farmer and his team are not working alone. Here, we have almost 300 of us working together at Any Hour. This is exciting because we all realize that we are not working alone and that many families are being provided for each year, through good economies and bad economies. Thank you for all of your hard work each day.

Wyatt Hepworth - President


Author: Wyatt Hepworth
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Jan 1st 2021

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