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This month, I’m going to be providing more awesome information about the color code and how we use it at Any Hour. As we discussed in the February newsletter, each person who takes the color code test gets a list of 15 words that are strengths and fifteen words that are limitations or weaknesses.

Remember that people are combinations of the four main colors and no two people are identical. Even if someone is the same color percentages as someone else, they will be different than one another.

Reds need to look good technically, be right, and be respected. They can be strong leaders and they love challenges. Reds have strengths like being assertive, responsible, motivated, and proactive. They also have potential weaknesses like being argumentative, calculating, impatient, and relentless.

Blues seek for integrity and need to be appreciated. They are focused on quality and creating strong relationships. Blues have strengths like being caring, loyal, and dependable. Their weaknesses might include perfectionism, emotional intensity, unrealistic expectations, and being hard to please.

Whites need to be accepted and treated with kindness. They are logical, objective, and tolerant of others. Whites have strengths like being good listeners and being diplomatic, accepting, and patient. By way of weaknesses, they have the tendency to be conflict-avoiders: detached, reluctant, and ambivalent.

Yellows need to be noticed and have fun. They love life and social conversations, being positive and spontaneous. Yellows have strengths like being persuasive, inclusive, enthusiastic and charismatic. However, their weaknesses can cause them to  interrupt others and be impulsive, vain, and afraid to face facts.

These strengths and limitations can be reinforced throughout your life--for better or for worse. For example, if someone has the word “leader,” it could mean they are a confident leader, a powerful leader, or they could be a disruptive leader. A leader can be positive or negative, and of course we want positive leaders here at Any Hour. Do they lead people to higher levels of success or do they lead them to their doom, making them doubt the company or their managers? Leaders can be any of the color codes and we have managers that are from all 4 of the color codes. Are they a selfish leader or do they care about the people that they lead?

Jeremy is striving daily to be a “Good to Great” or 5th-level leader. He cares about you more than you’ll ever know and so do I. We are both continually working hard to be “Good to Great” leaders. It is a lifelong goal of mine, to be a 5th-level leader. My goal is for us to have 5th-level leaders in all areas and in all of the departments of our business. I do think that this exists in our company right now; however, we have many great leaders here who are not in management yet. I believe in a 5th-level management team and I’ll talk more about 5th-level leaders in a later newsletter.

As a few other examples, if someone has the word “focus,” what do they focus on? Do they focus on home when they should focus on work or do they focus on work when they should be focused on home when they are with their family? If someone has the word “persuasive,” are they slightly persuasive or are they powerfully persuasive? Are they working to discover when it’s appropriate to use either persuasive style? Are they persuading people to join us or are they negative about what we are building here? Are they passionate about Any Hour and their managers? Do they inspire confidence in Jeremy and myself?

I’m now going to highlight a few members of our management team and how they work together to complement one another.

Lincoln (RED/WHITE), VP of Office Accounting and Finance Operations, works with Leilani (RED/BLUE), Michelle (BLUE/WHITE), Trent (BLUE/YELLOW), Justin (RED/BLUE). Michelle works with Alyssa (RED/BLUE) and Anthony (WHITE/BLUE). Justin works with Amberlie (YELLOW/RED) and Jaimie (YELLOW/WHITE). They all complement each others’ strengths and limitations.

Trent is a (BLUE/YELLOW). He works hard and he is a perfectionist. Trent is action-oriented and he cares about things looking good. Brennin is his assistant manager. Brennin is a (RED/BLUE). Brennin is great at A to B and he holds the line. He is a good communicator and he has Trent’s back. These two have strengths that complement each other. If they looked down on each other for their individual weaknesses and if they were too prideful to accept each other’s help, then it would not work. But they both see each others’ talents and don’t condemn each other for their weaknesses. They are an effective team. They run the best fleet and inventory company in the entire nation. No one is the full package by themselves: we all need each other.

Troy is a (RED/BLUE). He is our VP of Field Operations and has many strengths. On his team, he has Richard (YELLOW/WHITE), Bruce (RED/BLUE), Ricky (RED/BLUE), and Shane (BLUE/RED). Each manager has their trainers to lean on plus they have Scott M. (WHITE/YELLOW), Dan (YELLOW/BLUE), Gavin (BLUE/WHITE), and Drew (RED/YELLOW). Each of these guys have their own strengths and limitations. They have a lot of great relationships with the field and vast knowledge in installation and taking care of our customers' emergency needs.

Kevin (YELLOW/BLUE) has Chad (WHITE/YELLOW) and Danny (WHITE/BLUE) to lean on. These guys have strengths that help Kevin out. They have the best HVAC install department in the nation. These guys have an amazing team of lead installers that run each job, plus apprentice installers and veteran quality checks on 100% of our jobs. This is unheard of!

Matt H. (YELLOW/RED), has Chasen (YELLOW/RED), Jesse (BLUE/WHITE), Clint (RED/WHITE), Brady (RED/BLUE), and Todd (BLUE/WHITE) to lean on. When these groups work together, they fill in each others’ blind spots. They have the best sewer and excavation company I’ve ever seen. These guys work hard and they truly care about the customer and about each other.

Dustin (YELLOW/ RED) and Josh (RED/YELLOW) have a good balance of fun vs A to B productivity. That is a great color combination for introducing people to Any Hour who want to join our team. We feel that a company that can have fun together and be friends, will also have each other’s back during the difficult times.

Mike (WHITE/BLUE) has a whole department of white personalities to lean on. It’s clear he values patience and objectivity without a lot of drama. They are the best marketing team that I’ve ever seen and they are truly creative.

Nathan (WHITE/BLUE) has the patience for IT and the final accounting as our in-house CPA.  He works with our Accounting Manager/HR Bridgette (BLUE/RED), who works with Amanda (Red/White), her assistant manager. They deal with a lot of confidential and private details of our company.

Brett is a stereotypical yellow and is a ball of fun. He knows how to make a 3-day class into a fun and positive event, while moving the needle to help us have a better trained team. He and Matt B. (RED/BLUE) are a great team for the sales department. Matt B.has the leadership and the structure and Brett brings a lot of passion and sales depth to the group. They foster some of the best training in the field and in the training room that I’ve ever seen. I would say their training is better than Nexstar or Praxis or any other organization out there.

Jeremy is a (RED/BLUE) and I’m a (BLUE/RED). We have the same goals but we come at it from two different points of attack. One of my greatest strengths is that I see the potential in people. I see their strengths. However, I am not blind to their weaknesses: if someone is falling short and I see it, I will let them know. I believe that we can build up each others' weaknesses, unless they are not willing to accept help. If people don’t want to improve then I can’t work with them. I need hard-working people who will lift others.

Lifting and complimenting each other is what makes us so powerful. There is no other company in the nation run by such hard-working, ambitious, giving, passionate, and selfless people. As everyone comes together and leans on each others’ strengths and as they don’t judge each other for their weaknesses, we become strong and we fill in for each others’ shortcomings. It takes humility to accept help. It is hard to admit that we have weaknesses. I have weaknesses but I lean on people. I let people know that I need their help and I’ve surrounded myself with people who want to achieve more than what we have achieved so far. It takes all of us accepting each other for our strengths and our limitations. We know that we can all be better than we are today. We will not settle or stop with where we are right now. We have a lot more to accomplish. We have our sights set on some very big goals that benefit all of you. We will be going into depth on these goals in future newsletters.

Thank you for loving and accepting each other. Please continue to love and accept each other. We love and accept you.

Wyatt Hepworth - President


Author: Wyatt Hepworth
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Feb 23rd 2021

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