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I want to thank Jeremy for writing last month's message about how working as a team can produce more than double the results of what someone can do alone. The cool thing about his comparison is that he explained how, when two horses have trained together and then work together, they can produce four times the results of one horse!

Let’s look at some other examples. In basketball, one team has 5 players on the floor at one time. This means that they can produce way better results than just two well-trained players. In baseball, there are 9 players on the field at a time. Can you imagine only 2 players covering a whole field against one batter? Even trying to imagine only 5 players on a baseball field, like in basketball, would be extremely challenging. The right team working together in the right positions is infinitely stronger.

A short while ago, I was talking with my friend Tammy who works in our marketing department. I’ve known Tammy for about 27 years: she and my wife Samantha are friends and were roommates while they attended BYU years ago. I feel blessed to have Tammy in our marketing department and I know that she will always tell me her true opinions on things. So, I asked Tammy for her thoughts about what I should write next and what direction to go with this year's letters.

So you know, Tammy and Amber in marketing help me with the newsletter each month. They read each newsletter multiple times, Amber editing it to say what I want it to in the way that best gets my message across, and Tammy designing the newsletter to be readable while sharing my message and company announcements. They are professionals and they add a lot to our company image. I’ve always let marketing know that their biggest customer is our employee (the Any Hour team) because if our team can get behind our image and behind our marketing direction, then we are truly unstoppable--much like the team of horses that works together.

These two are a big part of getting the newsletter out to you in a timely manner. Truth be told, they are usually (almost always) waiting for me on the newsletter. They are truly on top of things; Mike and his team do a great job of making all of us at Any Hour look great to our community. 

As Tammy and I were talking, she mentioned that I’ve written quite a lot about the company’s past as well as our future. I’ve written about our direction as we work to achieve our 10 year goals (BHAG) as a company. By looking to the past, it is clear that we always achieve our long term goals.

However, Tammy let me know that we don’t talk enough about where we are today and how we can presently succeed at Any Hour. So I want to focus more on that this year: what is happening each day in the lives of technicians, office staff, installers, managers, and support staff. 

The fact is, we have just over 300 employees on our team. We have over 200 trucks on the road. Every service call and every job that we get is like a baseball to be pitched, hit, or passed from team member to team member as we do more than 300 jobs a day. (Yes, we serve more than 300 customers a day!) That is close to 100,000 jobs a year. That was not possible ten years ago, or even last year. But it is possible today and it amazes me that we can accomplish so much together. No other service company in Utah can do that. The nearest company to us takes care of half that many customers. We grow by over $10 million and over 50 employees per year. What a powerful message, to have the ability to serve so much of our community!

Because we are working together as a team, we have 300 people on the baseball field at one time, making sure that very few balls are dropped. Imagine 300 people on the field handling 300 balls a day. How many games could you win if you had 300 people on your baseball field or 300 people on your basketball court? How many baskets would you make with 300 balls and 300 players on the court? You’d be unstoppable. I know that it sounds absurd but that is the fact of the matter: we have 300+ people on the field, working together to take care of customers from Ogden to Nephi and from Tooele to Park City, where most companies have fewer than 30 people.

We are growing by approximately 30% over last year and the good news is that, at certain times of the year, our office staff will tell you that we still can’t keep up with current call volumes. We can only do so much each day. But the great thing is that with many hands, the work is lighter. We have many hands here.

It was great to hear what Tammy had to say. She helped ground me back into the reality of daily life. She helped me focus on the fact that our team members are dealing with sick kids, kids home from school, kids bringing home extra homework, struggling to get kids off to school, sending kids to college or on a mission, or helping their kids through friend or marital relationships. Our team members might be in a new marriage and/or a blended family, dealing with divorce or separation, struggling to make next month’s rent or mortgage payment, grieving the loss of a loved one, dealing with depression, addiction, feelings of inadequacy, or private family issues. Some of us are struggling just to make it to next year with our sanity intact. 

Here’s my advice for any of you who are struggling: stick with the stability of Any Hour. We have your back. We are here for you. We really do care about you. Never give up; never surrender your will to win. You are on a winning team. 

With all of the trials and daily things that life brings us, I believe in keeping a few things consistent. Working for a great company and with a great team provides security and a positive constant in your life.  Because we have proven that we promote 90% of the time from within, and because we have proven that we are a recession-proof and pandemic-proof company, it gives a constant platform to help anchor all of us through the daily trials that we all face each day. I hope, through all of the struggles you are all facing, that you can find joy in the work we are able to provide for you here at Any Hour. I hope that you feel appreciated by Jeremy and me. If you do not, then I hope that you would message us and/or your direct manager and let them/us know so that we can give you the assurance and the insight to feel appreciated. We want you to know that you are in good hands and aligned with the best opportunity for you and your family. Have a wonderful spring and know that we truly do care about each of you.

Thank you :)

Wyatt Hepworth


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