How To Avoid Being Shocked While Working Outdoors

Right now, we’re spending a lot of time outdoors. We’re working around the yard and house, so it’s essential to know how to stay safe while we do. In this video, we’re talking about electrical safety outdoors. We’ll review what you should watch out for and how to avoid accidental shocks.

Electricity is helpful, but it’s also dangerous. It can be even riskier when you’re outside because there’s a higher chance of being in contact with water. GFCI protection is required on all outside outlets to keep you safe. Just make sure you know where to switch the power back on when it trips.

There are several other ways you can protect yourself from electricity outside. An In-Use outlet cover shields it from the weather. Checking your extension cords can stop you from getting shocked. And it’s a good idea for a professional to mark where power lines are before digging in your yard.

A lot of these things you can do yourself or call an electrician to do it for you. But if you see a downed power line, always call 911 first, then the power company. Don’t go near the line, and keep other people away from it as well. And if power lines cross through trees, it’s a good idea to keep people from climbing them. If a branch is touching the line, have some professionals come get the branch out of the way. Don’t try to move it yourself.

Even though there are a lot of dangerous things to watch out for, you can rest easy if you take the right precautions. If you need any help with electrical work outside, Any Hour Services would be happy to help. One of our licensed electricians can visit your home to answer any questions you have. You can give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

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Author: Nathanael Stuver
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Aug 25th 2023

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