How to Relight the Pilot Light on Your Water Heater


There are many reasons why a pilot light can go out on a water heater. Most water heaters have instructions on how to relight the pilot light right on the front of the water heater.

The first thing to do is shut the gas off to your water heater at the gas control valve.

Then do these steps to relight the pilot light on your water heater:

  1. Remove the water heater access panel

  2. Make sure the gas valve is open (on most valves this means the valve is in line with the pipe) 

  3. Put gas control valve on the water heater to pilot position

  4. Press knob on the front in and hold it

  5. Press the ignitor button (black square button below knob) until you see a flame appear

  6. Continue to hold the knob until the indicator light blinks

  7. Turn knob to the desired temperature setting

When looking through the viewing window, you should be able to see a flame there. That means your pilot light is now on.

Your water heater’s gas control valve may be different; however, relighting it should be pretty similar.

You can Google “How to relight a ______________” and put the brand of your water heater in the blank and see what comes up. YouTube is also a great resource.

Here are 2 different gas control valve styles that could be on your water heater.

water heater pilot light controls

Links to other how-to videos on relighting the pilot light on a water heater with different gas control valves:

If you can’t get your pilot light relit or it lights but keeps going out on you unexpectedly, call a plumber you trust for help to come take a look at it to see what is going on.


Aug 25th 2021

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