What Causes Sewer Odors in the House?

It’s not normal to smell sewer odors in your home. Do you know what causes them, where to look to find them or how to get rid of them? In this video, we’ll go over the answers to these questions. Then we’ll walk through your house and talk about each area you might get those smells from.

The first thing to check is the p trap. It's used to stop sewer gases from seeping into the home. If you check under your sink, you’ll see the trap dips down before heading into the wall. There should be water in the low part to act as a seal. Every drain has one, from your floor drain to your shower.

If you never use a drain, that water might have evaporated. That means you could fix the smell by pouring some down it. If you use it often and there’s no water, you could have a leak. And if there is water, you might need to look for food, mold, or other gunk. You might want to check all your drains this way.

A plumber is your best bet if you’re still dealing with sewer smells after you’ve tried the suggestions in the video. They should know where to go from there to take care of those smells. And in that case, Any Hour Services would be happy to help. Our licensed plumbers will would with you to get your home smelling the way it should again. You can give us a call or schedule an appointment online

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Author: Nathanael Stuver
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Aug 26th 2022

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