Why a Water Softener is Needed with a Tankless Water Heater

Some things are just better together: hats and mittens, hot cocoa and marshmallows, crackling fires and cold winter nights. They just make each other better! Similarly, there are things in your home that just do better in pairs. Can they work alone? Sure. But can they be even more awesome together? YES! One of the pairs I’m talking about is a tankless water heater and water softener. They’re simply better together.

tankless water heater and water softener

To fully understand why a tankless water heater and a water softener are a match made in heaven, let’s start by explaining how a tankless water heater works. As you might already know, tankless water heaters are very different from tanked ones. Instead of holding hot water in a tank, the tankless water heater only kicks on when there is a demand for hot water, like when a shower is turned on. So, instead of being on all day and all night (even if it isn’t in use) to keep the water in the tank hot, the tankless water heater is off until it is needed. Inside the tankless system, a burner ignites when the system signals a need for hot water. The cold water passes through a heat exchanger that heats the water directly. When the hot water is shut off, the system goes into standby mode.

In order for this heat transfer to occur as efficiently as possible the water needs to be in direct contact with the heat exchanger. If you have hard water, over time calcium and magnesium deposits can build up on the inside of the heat exchanger and reduce the efficiency and cause other problems for the tankless water heater. So in order for you to get the years of use out of your tankless water heater, we need to minimize the build-up from hard water. A water softener or other kind of water conditioning is the best way to do this.

Probably one of the most important reasons to install a water softener and tankless water heater together is so you can get the long manufacture warranties tankless water heaters are known for. A manufacturer can choose NOT to warranty your tankless if it isn’t installed in conjunction with a water softener. The main reason for this is because hard water deposits and neglected maintenance is the fastest way to destroy your tankless.

So, not only will installing both systems together save your warranty, it will also save your tankless water heater from unnecessary wear and tear, and save you from having to clean and flush your system as often. What a great team! 

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Either way, tankless water heaters and water softeners make the perfect pair.



Author: Amber Smith-Johnson
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Dec 30th 2019

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