Ask Any Hour - How do I stop a running toilet?


Dear Any Hour,

I have a toilet that runs constantly and is driving me nuts! How can I get it to stop?

- Reagan M.

Ask Any Hour - how to stop a running toilet

I agree! It’s just plain annoying to have to listen to a constantly-running toilet. The good news is that issue with your toilet can be pretty easy to solve yourself. There are a few things that could be causing your toilet to run constantly.


If you continue to hear water continue running in your toilet when the tank has refilled after a flush, give the handle a little jiggle. If the running water stops, the problem is likely a faulty flapper. When new, the flapper is flexible and seals tightly in the drain at the bottom of the tank, settling easily back into place after every flush. Over time, however, the rubber can harden and the flapper won’t fit as snugly into the drain.

This video will walk you through all the supplies you need and steps to take in order to replace a toilet flapper.


Sometimes, a running toilet is caused by a bad fill valve that needs to be replaced. If you look inside the tank of your toilet and see that the fill valve is leaking or spraying water from either the top, or leaking water from the bottom of the tank, chances are good it needs to be replaced before it wastes you any more water or causes any damage to your home. Fortunately, it’s a relatively easy fix that can be done with minimal expense and a few basic tools and supplies.

Pick up a new fill valve at your local hardware store, making sure it’s the correct fit for your toilet. This will generally run you anywhere from $10-$20. You may also need a new supply line (the tubing that runs from beneath your tank to your water supply) if yours is a solid, inflexible line. Check this first and pick up a flexible supply line so you have one on hand to make this repair.  Other supplies you will need include a small bucket, a sponge, a pair of pliers, a pencil, a screwdriver, a tape measure and possibly a utility knife.

Here is a video explaining how to replace a toilet fill valve.


If there are multiple toilets having this issue in your home, you will want to test the PRV (pressure reducing valve) to see if the water pressure in your home is too high. Here's a video showing you how to test water pressure.

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Mar 21st 2021

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