Should I Cover My Air Conditioner For The Winter?

When the weather gets cold, you start thinking less about cooling off and more about warming up. That means the air conditioner shuts down and the furnace comes on. But do you know how to prepare your AC for that shift? In this episode, we go over how to get your AC unit ready for winter.

The first step is to switch your thermostat to auto or off. But what a lot of people ask when getting their AC ready for winter is whether they should cover the outside unit. And the surprising answer is no. With a few exceptions discussed in the video, you shouldn't cover your AC in the winter.

What you can do is give the unit an end-of-season once-over. Clear off any weeds, rinse it out, and make sure it has enough space to breathe. Giving your outside unit a good cleaning and visual inspection can help it be ready to use when the seasons change again.

Another great option is to get it tuned up for the end of the season. That can take care of it for working so hard during the summer and get it ready to start up again in the fall. If you’re interested in getting a tune-up for your AC, Any Hour Services would be happy to help. You can give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

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Author: Nathanael Stuver
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Sep 8th 2023

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