Do You Know Why Drains Clog So Much During The Holidays?

When we get ready to host for the holidays, we usually make sure the house looks good and clean. But a clogged toilet or a backed-up kitchen sink can make for an even rougher holiday. In this episode, we go over some ways to keep your drains working the way they should this holiday season.

There is a simple reason why we have so many more drain issues during the holidays. Having more people in the home than usual means more going down the drain. And if your drain was already struggling, it has even less chance of handling the new wave of users.

There are ways to help your drains handle the increased workload. You can stop excess food from going down the garbage disposal by moving your trash can to a new area. Or you can test out bathrooms you don’t use as often before people arrive. We go over a few more options in the video.

We want to be able to enjoy having family and friends over for the holidays. The last thing we want is for you to deal with a major backup while you have people staying in your basement. If you’re concerned about your drains, we at Any Hour Services would be happy to help. We can take a look down your drains for any problems before the holidays. That way if there are problems you can take care of them before people come to visit. You can give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

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Author: Nathanael Stuver
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Sep 13th 2022

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