Why Manufacturers Recommend Annual Maintenance

The idea of maintaining a large piece of equipment to help it run better and last longer is nothing new. In the same way auto manufacturers recommend regular maintenance, like changing the oil and rotating the tires, furnace manufacturers have a list of recommended maintenance and inspection items.

Furnace manufacturers also want to protect their brand reputation. They know people don’t want to replace their furnaces any sooner than they need to. And, annual maintenance is the least expensive way to get your furnace to last as long as possible.

They also want you to be warm and comfortable. If their product doesn’t work, you’re less likely to want to buy that brand when it’s time to replace your furnace.

If you haven’t had your furnace serviced yet this winter, for a limited time, you can save $70 on a comprehensive $99 furnace tune-up … yep, when you message us or call and mention this post you can get your furnace tuned up for only $29.

manufacturer recommended furnace tune-up

A 34 Point Furnace Tune-Up Includes Things Like:

 • Test all safety switches

 • Ensure proper ignition

 • Measure combustion gases

 • Test for carbon monoxide leaks

 • Inspect for airflow restriction

 • Check for signs of overheating

 • Perform a heating ability test

 • Much more

Your technician will document and discuss the condition of your furnace after he is finished. Whether your furnace is old or new, there are benefits to having it inspected annually by a qualified technician. It will not only save you money, but it keeps your furnace working hard for years to come while also protecting your home and family.

We have a special running currently for a $29 Furnace Tune-up (reg $99). For more info, click here. To schedule your furnace tune-up with Any Hour Services today, call us at 801-692-0455 or visit our website for more information.


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Feb 25th 2021

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