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Over the years, I have come to love two quotes that really define, for me, the power of teamwork. The first quote is a simple but powerful one: “teamwork makes the dream work.” This quote is a reminder that we all have dreams and aspirations and that those dreams are easily made into reality when we have a strong team. The next quote is, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” Many times in life we can start a goal or destination and come out of the gates quickly. We may start on the path without any obstacles and find we are making progress; however, to truly go the distance and achieve great things, we find we need help. This quote is a wonderful reminder that worthwhile achievements in life take more than one person and are even more likely to take a team.

The first question that comes to mind when we are talking about teams is, what makes a successful team? If you really look closely at any successful team, whether it be in sports or the business world, you will find individuals of that team that have very different skill sets. The Utah Jazz have had a very successful season this year. When you break down the skill sets of the team you will see some who are really good at shooting, others who are better at defense and rebounding, and some who have a strong passing game, getting other team members involved.

In the last newsletter, Wyatt talked about the Color Code and how we have varying color codes that make up each team. Dr. Taylor Hartman, the man who developed the Color Code, said, “No color is better than another. All colors have remarkable innate gifts as well as obstacles to overcome. Limitations are nothing to be afraid of. Each color has much to learn from the others.” We believe here at Any Hour that we have worked very hard to put together the best team in the nation. We have done this by putting together complimentary colors on each of our teams.

Years ago, I came across some facts about Belgian draft horses that I think are a perfect example of the power of a team. I learned that these horses were very significant in war time to Hitler, who built bunkers up and down the coast, covering over 100 miles of landscape. The Germans used Belgian draft horses to pull concrete, materials, and supplies.

These amazingly strong animals can pull 8,000 pounds by themselves. The interesting fact is that when two horses pull a load together, they don’t just pull 8,000 + 8,000 = 16,000 pounds combined. The two-horse team can actually pull 22,000 pounds together. That is more than double the weight they could have pulled by themselves. But that isn’t even the most amazing part. If those horses have trained together and previously worked tightly together and pulled together many times before, then they can actually pull up to 32,000 pounds with just the two horses. That is 4 times what they could have pulled by themselves.

Wyatt is an amazing leader and can do some spectacular things. The leaders Wyatt listed off in the last newsletter are all strong and capable in their departments and have been successful in their careers. Although all of these people are talented, hardworking, and powerful on their own, they will not go nearly as far in life alone as they will together. We are like the Belgian draft horses: we are capable of so much more as we train and work together here at Any Hour.

I love the story of Any Hour and its growth and successes. It is all about your success and your future. It is inspiring to me to look back and see all of the wonderful things this company has accomplished, not only here in Utah but also compared to all of the companies around the nation. If I look deep into myself, I need to be honest and say it has been a lot of hard work and many ups and downs. I  have seen people come, join our team, and become very successful in their departments. When they are working with such a great team, their success almost seems like they could do this anywhere, but that is false thinking. After experiencing success here for a while, I have seen people think it is all about them and get overly confident. Some have even left to go work somewhere else, expecting to find the same success they had here. Although they may be talented, they become a single draft horse and start only pulling 8,000 pounds when, at Any Hour, they were pulling 32,000 pounds because of the amazing lead generation here, as well as the great dispatch, marketing, call center, and hard-working people all around them.

One of the most rewarding things for me is seeing our team members move up in positions and get opportunities here as we continue to grow. I think about Duane moving into a supervisor position or Chris A. doing efficiency checks and so many others moving up over the 13 years that I’ve been here. It’s why I love the story of Any Hour and its growth and successes: it is all about your success and your future. It is inspiring to me to look back and see all of the wonderful things this company has accomplished, not only here in Utah but also compared to all of the companies around the nation.

I hope you can all understand that you are loved and appreciated here and that together, as a team, we are unstoppable! I believe the story of Any Hour is still in its early stages and we have many more things to accomplish. I believe that several years down the road, we will all look back with fondness on our journey here and will have been very happy that we are part of Team Any Hour.

Jeremy Hansen
Senior Vice President


Author: Wyatt Hepworth
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