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solar - important notice

If you’ve been considering solar energy for your home, here is a list of important dates you need to be aware of to help you understand the new solar legislation in Utah.

Currently, solar customers enjoy a net metering program that works in partnership with Rocky Mountain Power. Customers participate in the net metering energy reimbursement program where the excess energy their home solar panels produce is credited back to them when their home solar panels aren’t producing at night or on overcast days, for example. November 15th is the last day new solar customers can be grandfathered into this net metering program as it currently stands.

2017 - Nov 15

After November 15th, the net metering program won’t be going away, it will just be different. There are a few changes. Customers will see a change in the value they receive for each kwh they produce: about 92.5% of the value customers are receiving currently. There will also be a cap on new solar applications for the next three years, as well as a few increases in application fees for the net metering program.


In the year 2020, members of a Utah energy council, including clean energy advocates and representatives from Rocky Mountain Power, will then revisit the current net metering structure to determine the best course of action for moving forward. If you are a customer who got their solar up and running before November 15th, you are protected from any rate adjustments that happen at this time--and guaranteed your current rate until the year 2035.


At this time, all rates and rate schedules will be renegotiated. However, there is an 18-year period of guaranteed rates for customers who signed up before November 15th of this year--an unprecedented security measure for solar customers.

If you have additional questions, one of our solar experts from our electrical department would be more than happy to answer them for you. Call Any Hour Services at 801-443-7272 today to take advantage of this November 15th deadline and secure your solar rates.

Posted: September 15th, 2017 @ 12:00am by tammy