Can Water Pressure Be TOO Good?

Water pressure running too low can be frustrating. But if You’re in Arizona right now your water pressure might be nice and high. It might have even been getting higher recently! That has to be great! …Doesn’t it? This post will go over what happens when your water pressure gets too high, and how to address the issue.

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What’s Causing the Increase in Water Pressure?

There has been a lot of construction going on as the demand for new homes has increased. And of course, each of those homes needs to have enough water coming in. Showers, dishwashers, and washing machines all need a certain amount of water pressure to do their job.

To cover the needs of all these new homes, cities have been increasing the water pressure to the main water lines. Those lines bring water from the city water supply, then branch off to each of the surrounding homes. If the pressure is high in the feeder line, then it’ll be high when it reaches your home.

What Happens if the Water Pressure Gets Too High?

Imagine pumping up a car tire. What happens when you fill it to a higher air pressure than it’s rated for? It’ll fail, sometimes in a spectacular and scary way. Your pipes can fail in similar ways. You can end up with leaky faucets, dishwashers, and anything else that water is supplying. Those small leaks can cause larger disasters if they aren’t contained.

How Do You Know if Your Water Pressure Is Too High?

The only way to know if your water pressure is too high is to test for it. You can find an inexpensive water pressure gauge at most home improvement stores. To use one, you make sure nothing is using water in your home. Then you find a hose fixture (or “bib”) on the outside of your home and screw the gauge on.

Once the gauge is in place, you can turn in the faucet and see what the needle points to. Most fixtures and appliances in your home are rated for 70 psi, but 65 psi is usually a good amount of pressure. If it’s higher than 70, you should consider getting it fixed.

How Do You Fix High Water Pressure?

You do that with a pressure regulating valve. These are built into the main water supply line of your home and control the water coming in from the city. If the water pressure is too high, they can reduce it to a manageable level for your home. A pressure regulator valve should last for several years before you need to replace it.

While some home builders include pressure regulators, it’s not required by code. That means a lot of homes don’t have one and are getting hit with the full pressure from the city. If you need one installed or replaced, your best bet is a skilled plumber you trust.

For more information on the water pressure situation in Arizona, check out this episode of our “In The House” podcast. If you’re interested in having a plumber inspect your water pressure, Any Hour Services would be happy to help. You can give us a call or schedule an appointment online.

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